What You Need to Know about Growl Software

What You Need to Know about Growl Software

Have you heard Growl Software? It is a software for notification system intended for Mac but also could be used for Windows. Here is the information that you need to know about this software.

What is this and How does it Work?
Growl is the software for controlling all notifications on one controlling pane which is intended for Mac user but also could be downloaded by Windows user as well. By using Growl, you will also catch up with previous notifications which will be helpful when you are not away from your computer for Growl has a similar version for iPhone and iPad called Prowl. The newest version of this software is Growl 2.1.3

Applications which could be used with Growl
There are various categories that support Growls. From the browser category, the applications that could be used are Firefox, Camino and Opera Browser. From the chat category, there are many applications that support this software such as Conversation, Aquatik, Trillian and more. For Email, the applications that could be used are Opera Mail, Power Mail, Y Mail, Google+Growl, and others. Other categories included database tools, games, health, Yahoo! Widgets, Social Networking Entertainment and many more.

Growl Extras
There are three extras of Growl beside the applications that support this software; Growl notify, Growl Tunes and Hardware Growl which are easily downloaded from the website. There are also several downloads available for developers such as Growl SDK changelog, Growl Display Plugin Sample, AppleScript Sample and Growl 1.3 Control Suite.

How Much does it Cost?
Growl is not free software when you want to use this software you will need to purchase it through Mac App Store for USD$ 3.99 for the latest version of Growl. For Hardware Growl, you could also buy it from Mac App Store for USD$ 2.99. The Growl iTunes and Capster 3.0 are sold for USD$ 1.99.

Is it Worth it to Install?
Growl gives various advantages for the users such as customizing the notifications, you can control which notifications that you want to receive and which one that you don’t want. You also could personalize the design of your growl by choosing the ready themes or making your own. Growl also had the speech display function which enables you to hear the notifications.

Therefore, by knowing more detail about this software, you could decide if you need to install this for your Mac or Windows. Please also note that Growl also available for multiple users which called Growl Volume License Seats which the price starts from USD$ 29.99 for 15 seats.