What is Growl?

What is Growl?

Do you know about the Growl? Growl refers to the software of notification track which implements for some operation systems, such as Mac OS X and Windows. This application can be installed in our smart devices for storing tiny notifications. The notification will pop up once there are events or important stuff. The users can the notifications on their computer.

About Growl
Growl develops by The Growl team which is chaired by Christopher Forsythe. Growl is written in Objective-C. It releases on October 29, 2013. It uses in Macintosh and Windows platform. It is a notification structure which allows the user to have pop-up style notification in their computer. The user can have full control system of the Growl program on their device.

In the Macintosh Operation System X, Growl is used as the special loaded plugin which can be used to able or disable the notification on the application. The notification can contain some information about running downloaded programs, the recent track played in iTunes and more. This software is equipped with various displays which allow the user to custom any style to store the notification.

The Advantage
By having Growl in your smart device, you can know when things go around of your applications. The application will tell Growl and it will tell you through the pop-up notifications. The user can save their time without having to go to the applications to check it frequently. The pop-up or bubble notification will show up and off with or without the sound that will inform you about the happening events that may be important for you.

Growl is a notification structure which developed by the Growl team. It is led by Christopher Forsythe. Through Growl, the user can have pop-up style notification in their computer.