The Functions of Growl

The Functions of Growl

Growl is a large system used in the notification array that can help people to get a notification for events happening in their applications. It is integrated with many applications in your laptop or computer. Growl can work properly in Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. What are the functions of Growl for the user? As the customized notification system, Growl can give some functions of Growl to the users. They are:

Showing the New Mails
Growl can work with your email system. You can have your Growl mail by opening the folder in the Growl image. You can manage to show up your mail whenever you receive a new email which shows the sender and subject of the new message. Once you click it, the message will appear in its email application. It will give you efficiency in receiving such update notification in your laptop or computer. You don’t have to leave your work to check the email application.

Growl can work with your email system.

Tell you when downloading are completed
Another function that performed by Growl is telling the user when the downloading process completed. You don’t have to wait for the downloading process without doing anything. The downloading may take some time to finish and waiting it can be so boring. Growl can tell you once the process is completed, so you can take the further step with the file that was finished downloading. You can use your time to do stuff that important to you.

There are many programs that can work perfectly with Growl, such as Safari, Camino, Firefox, Skype, Adium and more. Growl is a perfect addition for your smart device which can save your time and make you more efficient.

The functions of Growl to the users are various. This notification system allows the user to receive much recent news through the pop-up notification. The user is able to see any new mail in their email program. The user also can see when the downloading processes are complete.