The Benefits of Installing Growl

The Benefits of Installing Growl

Growl is the notification system that could be downloaded from Mac OS X or Windows. Founded by Christopher Forsythe on 29 October 2013, Growl is intended to help the user to control the notification from all applications from his or her device through one pane.

It’s Easy to Install and Use
Growl is easy to install and use. in the Growl website, you will be able to find detail information about this system. You can download the system from the Appstore for the single user. Growl also offers the volume licensing that is intended for multiple users which will be beneficial for a company. Once you have downloaded the system, it is very easy to use it. it will start to display the notifications once you have installed it in your Mac or Windows.

All Notifications are Centralized
What is good when you are using Growl, you can centralize all the notifications through one system. it helps you to enable or disable the notifications and you have full control how the notifications will be displayed. The notifications will be popped up on your screen. You also could modify the setting in each application using default or custom starting position.

Growl will Keep Running even When You are not Working
When you are taking a lunch break or need to join a meeting where you will be away from your computer, you don’t need to be afraid since Growl with the Rollup function will keep running while you are away. You also can download Prowl in your iPhone or iPad which has the same function as Growl.

You Could Choose Over 20 Themes
If you don’t like to have the default theme, you could choose over 20 themes that will suitable best for you. If you are a pro and want to have your own theme, you also could use the other option which is creating and installing your own theme in Growl.

Complete Information in the Website
Growl is supported with the complete information that you can browse on the website. From the simple FAQs such as what is Growl or how to install it until information for developers who wants to support this system in their applications.

If you still have a problem, have questions or just want to discuss regarding this system, the Growl has the group discussion in google which you could find the link when you visit the website and go to the contact option.