Snarl or Growl for Windows, which one is Better?

Snarl or Growl for Windows, which one is Better?

There is various notification software such as Pushbullet, Specto, Notifo, Notifu, Toasty, Growl and Snarl. For the last two, Growl and Snarl was widely known and being discussed which one is better to use. Here is the information from situs that you need to know from this software.

– Snarl
Snarl is open source and free software for windows. In the earlier years when it is launched, Snarl is not showing lots of features and not being popular. However, over the past years especially since 2014 Snarl has been grown with many features and is popular among the notification software.

Snarl using the operating system of Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7. Snarl has the feature of multiple notification support which didn’t force to be visible on the status bar. Therefore, you can easily erase the notifications and it will be dismissed in such a certain period of time. Many applications that support Snarl such as Spotify, iTunes, Firefox, MusicBee, Songbird, Thunderbird, and more. Snarl has the Snarl supported apps as the supported applications since most of Windows don’t support this software automatically.

Snarl gives lots of benefits not only for the users but also to the developers of other applications. It is easy for the developers to add Snarl support when developing the applications. It is stated that any level of a programming language could use Snarl easily without difficulties thanks to windows window messaging function.

– Growl for Windows
Growl is already popular for Mac user. When it could be used for windows, it gives similar features as the original Growl for Mac OS X and supports many applications such as iTunes, Firefox, Google Reader, Gmail and of course Prowl which is the app that you can download from your iPhone to send push notifications from other devices which using Growl. Similar as Snarl, you will need to install the Growl for Windows supported apps in order to make the software to run successfully.

Growl for Windows offers more choice for you when it comes to managing the notifications. You also can easily group the history of notifications by date or applications. You also could have more choice to choose the display of the notifications by using the Smokestack display. Growl for Windows looks much better especially on the display than the previous version.

To summarize, both of this software is worth to try depends on your preference and what you like from each software. So, which software that you use?