How to Install Growl in Mac Operation System?

How to Install Growl in Mac Operation System?

How to Install Growl in Mac Operation System – Growl is the notification system which can perform in several platforms, and one of them is Mac Operation system. If you are the user of the Mac Operation system maybe you wonder about a program which can give you updated notification in your application, just like in Windows OS. Maybe you should install Growl in your Mac OS because it is the answer of your question.
– Where to get download file?
You can get free downloaded file by searching through the internet. By typing the related keywords about Growl in the internet, you will find numerous online sources which supported the your searching. You can get the free online file that can be downloaded easily.

– How to Install?
First of all, you need to download the file through the internet. Make sure that you download the full version instead of the trial version. Wait until the downloading process is complete. Save the file into your desktop. It will help you to find the file easily. Open you growl file and find the file with the name of Growl.prefPane, then you need to double click on it.

The second step waiting until the installing process complete. After it finishes you can minimize the program. Since the Growl program doesn’t open automatically once it finishes installing, you need to open your system preference and select Growl menu from the other button. You can manage to custom the style according to your preference.

Once you finish with the customization, you can click the preview button to see the change you made. To integrate with any application you like, you can go to the Application button. You can custom the program and arrange the settings as you like.

Now, you are ready to use your smart device with Growl installed on it. For getting further information about Growl, you can go to forum to find additional information that you like. Install Growl in your Mac OS is very easy to do. By following the steps above, you can have this notification system in your device right away.