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a worthy cause

so i am gonna ride my bike 2500 miles across the country, "what do i care?" you might say. well, because i am always looking out for you, dear reader, i have thought of a way that you can get involved as well without having to strap on your helmet and hit the actual trail.

in conjunction with my ride, i am going to be raising funds for a great charity. due to some funky rules about who can and cannot use their name, you will have to email me to get all of the details. i can tell you that it is a children's charity that makes a huge difference in the lives of children with life-threatening illnesses.

just to make it more enticing for you, i am committing to matching every single dollar contributed with matching funds out of my own pocket. so if you donate $20, i will match your $20 and make it $40. this offer is good for donations of any amount. also please note that 100% of the dontated money goes directly to the charity - none of it will be used to cover any of my expenses or spent in any other way.

finally, to make it really exciting, i have one final offer to anyone who is feeling up for some adventure. for anyone that comes out and rides with me for a day, i will contribute an additional $100 in your name. so if you are low on funds but would still like to help a great cause, just strap on your helmet and summon up your sense of adventure and hit the trail with me for a day. most days are about 40 mile rides, but if you want to come out and just ride a portion of the day's mileage, that would be great. or if you are feeling really adventurous, come out and ride for a couple of days with me!

anyway, if you are so excited and want to donate right now, that is great! otherwise, maybe just think it over for a couple of days and think about all of the warm, fuzzy feelings that you will have knowing that you made a difference in a kid's life. when you are ready to donate, please email me so i can tell you who to make the check out to, etc. then, you can send your check to:

brian dunnington
2046 north dayton street
phoenix, az 85006
i will send every one a receipt for each donation as well as a personal letter of thanks. i will also post the names of everyone who donates on this site (of course, if you prefer to donate anonymously, that is just fine too).