Is Growl for Windows Still Exist?

Is Growl for Windows Still Exist?

Growl is one of the essential software you might want to install on your Windows because you can receive notifications from your Windows apps with this software. But, the problem is that some users are in doubt whether this app still exists. Why is that so? Let’s see the details below.

1. No Updates from the Developer
The first thing that makes the users opt-out Growl from the list is that because there is no update from the developer for the past years. The software update is very important because it can fix some minor as well as major bugs and improve the software itself. But, because there is no update at all, some users cannot really use the software perfectly.
However, some of the users share the updated version of the software through some websites they way they get the tricks to win online Sbobet in. They also add additional codes for those who understand programming to fix the software themselves or just to add some features to the software. Thankfully it can be done because it is open-source software so that everyone can have their hands on it.

2. The Official Website Shuts Down
Another thing that makes people in doubt of this software is that the official website to download the software shuts down. No matter how many times you refresh the page or turn your internet on and off, you won’t be able to go to the official page.
On the other hand, the official website of Growl for OS X can be accessed well, and you can still download the software through the website. But, for Windows users, they will need to visit other websites just to get this software.

3. Some Apps Have Enabled the Notifications
Some users also don’t see the use of the software anymore. It is because nowadays, some apps have added the push-notification feature within the apps. Meaning that you won’t need to download some third-party apps only to enable the notifications on Windows. It makes the users don’t really see the significance of this software anymore, and they don’t really care whether this software is gone because they won’t really use it anymore.

This software is great because it enables you to receive notifications from some apps you have. But now, you don’t really need it because the apps nowadays have enabled the push-notifications within the apps. Plus, the developer doesn’t really upgrade the software again, and you cannot visit the official website anymore.