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Growl On Your Phone

Get your Growl notifications on your phone with these apps:

Notify My Android

For Developers

Integrate Growl notifications into your applications with just a few lines of code

Download the Integration Guide >


Create custom displays for handling notifications

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RSS/Atom Feed Subscriber

Subscribe to RSS or Atom feeds and get notified of new items.

Each feed you monitor is registered as a separate Application in Growl, allowing you to set individual preferences for each feed. When creating the subscription, you can specify the interval at which the plugin should check each feed for new items. The plugin also supports feeds that require authentication (such as your personal Gmail New Mail feed).

Notifications are throttled so that if a feed suddenly has lots of new items, your screen won't be filled with a load of Growl notifications all at once.

RSS/Atom Feed Subscriber

If you already have Growl for Windows installed, you can click the 'Install Now' button below to automatically install this plugin.

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If you prefer to install the plugin manually, use the download link below.

Download RSS/Atom Feed Subscriber

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