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Growl On Your Phone

Get your Growl notifications on your phone with these apps:

Notify My Android

For Developers

Integrate Growl notifications into your applications with just a few lines of code

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Create custom displays for handling notifications

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Boxcar Forwarder Plugin

Forward notifications to the Boxcar iPhone app.

Get a push notification on your iPhone whenever a Growl notification is recieved. The plugin lets you set preferences for minimum priority, only forwarding when you are away from your computer, and even which information is included in the message.

NOTE: To use this plugin, you must have the Growl service enabled on your Boxcar account.

Message Formats

You can use the Format field to control what information is sent to Boxcar. The following special placeholders can be used; anything not inside curly brackets is treated as a literal:

{APPNAME} - the name of the application that sent the notification
{TITLE} - the notification title
{TEXT} - the notification text
{PRIORITY} - the priority of the notification
{SENDER} - the name of the machine where the notification originated
{TIMESTAMP} - the date and time that the notifciation was received


Application: System Monitor
Title: Ping failed
Text: The host 'my server' was not reachable. The response was: TimedOut
Priority: High
Sender: Superman

System Monitor: Ping failed - The host 'my server' was not reachable. The response was: TimedOut

{APPNAME} says "{TITLE}" - Sent from: {SENDER} - {TIMESTAMP}
System Monitor says "Ping failed" - Sent from: Superman - 5/18/2010 11:14 AM

Growl : {TEXT} ({PRIORITY})
Growl : The host 'my server' was not reachable. The response was: TimedOut (High)

If you already have Growl for Windows installed, you can click the 'Install Now' button below to automatically install this plugin.

Install Now

If you prefer to install the display manually, use the download link below.

Download Boxcar Forwarder Plugin

Brian Dunnington

Additional Requirements:
Boxcar iPhone App with Growl Service enabled