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Growl On Your Phone

Get your Growl notifications on your phone with these apps:

Notify My Android

For Developers

Integrate Growl notifications into your applications with just a few lines of code

Download the Integration Guide >


Create custom displays for handling notifications

Download the Display SDK >

How You Can Help Support Growl for Windows

The best way to help support Growl for Windows is to give it a try and report your comments and suggestions. Improvements and future features are driven by user feedback, so join the Google Group and participate in the discussion.

Growl for Windows Google Group >

Want To Get More Involved?

If you are a developer, consider creating a connector library for your favorite programming language. This helps spread the reach of the GNTP format, making it much easier to send notifications from the widest range of applications and devices.

GNTP (Growl Notification Transport Protocol) >

And if there is something you would really love to see in Growl for Windows, dive in and join the Google Code project to get access to the full source code of Growl for Windows.

Growl for Windows on Google Code >

What Else Can You Do?

If you use Growl for Windows or Growl on OSX and find them to be useful, consider making a donation to support development. All donations go directly to the original Growl OSX project, since we have them to thank for inspiring this project.

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